Your card always with you - Practical Information

Your card always with you

When doing the embarking procedures, the staff will give you a personal magnetic credit card which onboard which you must always take with you during the whole trip. It will also be the key to your cabin.

Your card always with you - Practical Information

Card data:

  • Ship.
  • Date or embarkment and disembark.
  • Passenger's full names.
  • Booking reference.
  • Dinner scheduled times.
  • Assigned dinner table.

With your card you will be able to:

  • Open the door of your cabin.
  • Buy anything you want on board in your shops (perfumes, souvenirs, costume shops, etc).
  • Buy excursions.
  • Leave the ship and return.
  • The only other place in the ship where they accept cash is in the Casino.

My safe box

All the cabins have a security box with an Electronic password.We recommend you to keep in it all your personal and valuable belongings, such as documents, money and jewellery.

As we already know, every passenger must take his/her passport with him/her to board the ship. One normally also takes the identity card together with the passport. We recommend passengers to avoid disembarking with both of them in the excursions.It would be enough to disembark with the passport, to avoid loosing both of the two documents.

We also recommend taking just the necessary quantity of Money we plan to spend in each city. We must not forget that onboard we may not be able to change money, so we recommend passengers to do so before they board the cruise.