Travelling with children and babies - Practical Information

Travelling with children and babies

It is important to take seriously some aspects when travelling with children and babies:

Travelling with children and babies - Practical Information


  • Take dialers and baby food. There is not baby material in our ships.
  • Take medicines in case they need them.
  • Request crib when closing the booking.
  • Be always aware of the trolleys. Due to the ship's movement, these can be displaced.
  • If you wish to see the night shows, please, hire a babysitter during the shows Schedule times (you may consult the show time tables when closing the booking).


  • You must inform yourself about the children's entertainment programmes as well as the fun rooms (Trotanautas).
  • It is not allowed to disembark the cruise and leave the children onboard (children under the age of 3 years and/or with special needs).
  • The children between 2 and 12 years old have discounts on the excursions.
  • The emergency is compulsory for everyone.
  • Avoid the children running around through the cruise, but especially around the outsider decks and round the swimming pools and jacuzzis.
  • The cards which the staff will give the children will only be valid to leave and enter the ship and cabins, not to consume alcoholic drinks or shop onboard.
  • The entrance to the casino is not allowed to children under 18 years old.