Life on board - Practical Information

On-board diary

The "daily logbook" contains all the important information for the passenger about every day´s life on board. All the doubts or requests that the passengers may have can be found in this logbook which our staff will place every night in each cabin.

Life on board - Practical Information

In the logbook the following may be found:

  • Dawn and sunset in each place the cruise stops.
  • Local notices and whether or not to delay or advance your clock.
  • Brief introductory summary about the city which you will visit.
  • Maritime information: Embarkment times, docking times at port and timetables for passengers to embark and disembark the ship.
  • Pullmantur´s staff's phone number during the excursions in case of unexpected situations or doubts, together with the on board staff's telephone number and the opening times for on board services and facilities, such as the gymnasium o reception desk.
  • Advice for clothing each day according to special events, as well as important indications.
  • Meeting points for the excursions departure.
  • Special offers and promotions in our shops on board, Spas and other facilities on board.
  • Schedule times for activities organised for children and adults.
  • Show time table (musical live shows, bars, discos, bingo, karaoke, etc).
  • Silenced auctions related with art Works, shop opening time tables, Spa, photograph galleries, casinos.
  • Breakfast, meal and dinner time tables for the different restaurants, bars and buffets.

Cannot be missed:

  • Embarkment in each port.
  • Night shows.
  • Entertainment activities.
  • Bingo.
  • Visit our duty free shops, which are tax free products belonging to the best main.
  • Enjoy dawn and sunset from the outside decks.
  • Excursion chats.
  • Promotions for our Spa on board.
  • Gala and cocktail night with the captain.
  • Our delicious cocktails.
  • Disembarkment chats.
  • Emergency simulacrum(required procedure for everyone)