Health on board - Practical Information

Health on board

For Pullmantur your health and enjoy onboard is essential. Therefore, we give you certain suggestions to help you be prepared prior to the trip and enjoy this 100%. It is very important to indicate us when closing the booking if you have any medical difficulties or you need special assistance or special foods.

Health on board - Practical Information

Hygiene on board

It is important to have a good hygiene on board, especially before entering the restaurants.You will find hand disinfecting. Please use it before each meal.

Stomach problems

Take care on the quantity of food that you eat. We recommend you to eat light food at night, and not exceed on eating meals which you don't normally eat at home.

Sea sickness

In order to avoid sea sickness provoked by the ship's movement, we give you the following advice:

  • If we are sensible to sea sickness provoked by the ship's movement, we recommend you to wear special bracelets against movement, or either take with you "Biodramina" before boarding the ship- a medicine specialized for these type of sicknesses. in order to be prepared on board.
  • Chose cabins found in low decks, inside and central ones.
  • Before consuming any sea sickness medicines, please consult the indications appearing on the instructions, especially pregnant women.
  • Eat green apple or bread.
  • Drink few liquid, and in case you do drink something, in a small quantity. The mineral water is recommended, tonic with lemon slices or lemon juice.
  • Avoid going to outside decks or leaning on rails.
  • Do not drink alcohol.
  • Lie on a comfortable position.

Allergies / bites

  • Inform the travel agency with whom we close the booking, if we have any type of allergy.
  • Take with us medicines to solve our allergies, and in case of travelling to tropical areas, take an insect repellent. It is important to make sure that the product we take with us mentions the allergies that we suffer from.
  • In case of not having indicated our allergy in the travel agency, when boarding the ship the first day, we must inform the staff on board at the reception desk.
  • If a bite or allergy situation occurs, the shop contains a nursery with medicines to solve the problem.

Holidays without extra kilos:

Due to do the relaxing character of the holidays and the habit changes during them, it is very usual to get some kilos in the cruise. In order to avoid this, we give you some advice:

  • Consume a full breakfast. This is advisable in order to complete the excursions in a healthy way and have energy for the whole day.
  • Eat healthy during the cruise, adding salads and fruits to the meals, as well as low fat food.
  • You can try new specialties and plates that you will find on board, but remember toe at low quantities in each of them.
  • Avoid eating the same food twice.
  • Take care with alcohol; it contains many calories, which may make you get some extra kilos.
  • We recommend you to use the gym, where you may practice various exercises, as well as having an outside footing platform. Don't forget to take with you sport costume.