Enjoy the cruise in a safe way - Practical Information

Enjoy the cruise in a safe way

The emergency simulations done on board are compulsory practices made to guarantee the passengers the security and inform them about the safety procedures, including the emergency evacuation processes.

On occasional cases, if there are passengers which arrive on board after the emergency simulation procedure has been done-embarkment operations done in other itinerary ports without delay, individually or in a group- these will be informed about the requirements and compulsory security measures which will be done, according to the SOLAS agreement. The Review and Improvement of the Cruise Operational Security is based on an exhaustive research done about the most and main human and operational for maritime security.

Enjoy the cruise in a safe way - Practical Information

Important things to take for granted to guarantee the security on board:

  • Keep calm.
  • Follow the simulation process on board.
  • Check the life jackets work perfectly.
  • Have the life jackets in a visible space in the cabin.
  • Listen to the on board's staff's advices. These will indicate us how to proceed in case of evacuation.

Important things to take for granted for the trip excursions related to yours:

  • Depending on the destination, not wear certain objects such as earrings, necklaces. bracelets, watches, etc.
  • Do not take more money than the one we will be spending in the destination.
  • Take our documents with us but hidden in a place not easy to see. If the destination does not forces us to disembark with out identification card or passport, leave these in the security box.