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Vacation in Caribbean

Vacations in PUNTA CANA

Vacations in Punta Cana

In the Dominican Republic, out there in the middle of the Caribbean, there is a place about which probably all maps have erred. They call it Playa Bávaro and even talking about it is a pleasure. But its name fails to sum up the fantasy-like landscape and innocence that still exists in this magical place, where nothing has been contaminated. At Playa Bávaro the blue of the water is truly blue and the green of the palm leaves is truly green. Perhaps there may be another place like it on the planet, but only Playa Bávaro is located at the very heart of your desires. 

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Vacations in RIVIERA MAYA

Vacations in Riviera Maya

The Riviera Maya extends the length of the Mexican coastline. 120 kilometres bathed by the Caribbean Sea within which the remains of the legendary Mayan civilisation are interwoven with a land of majestic and unending beauty. The magical walks hand in hand with the sublime, in a unique invitation to delve deep into the true heart of nature. You may feel you have seen these places before, perhaps on a beautiful postcard, or on travel agency advertisements, but you have probably seen the true beauty of the Maya Riviera somewhere else - in the depths of your imagination.

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